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  Truly Judy's Tunes For 01-03-18
 Listed in order played

Beatles – It’s Only Love
Sam Cooke – I’ll Come Running Back To You
Chuck Sims – Little Pigeon
Accents – I Give My Heart To You
Shane Fenton & the Fentones – Why Little Girl
April Stevens & Nino Tempo – Sweet and Lovely
Honeys – The One You Can’t Have
Crickets – When You Ask About Love
Johnny Tillotson – Why Do I Love You So
Carl Mann & the Kool Kats – Gonna Rock and Roll Tonight
Searchers – This Feeling Inside
Derbys – Night After Night
Grass Roots – Feelings
Marvelettes – You’re My Remedy
Unique Teens – Whatcha Know New
Mockingbirds – I Never Shoud’ve Kissed You
Ripples – Please Let Me Love You
Roosters – One Of These Days
Jack Riggir – Gone But Not Forgotten
Image – I Hear Your Voice Again
Bruins – One More Try
Narvel Felts – Did You Tell Me (You Don’t Care)
Eddie Holland – Leaving Here