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  Truly Judy's Tunes For 09-06-17
 Listed in order played

Bobby Helms – No Other Baby
Rick Nelson – Fools Rush In
Chico Leverett & Group – Work Work
Crickets – Time Will Tell
Billy & the Kids – Take a Chance On Love
Elegantes – Wake Up
Daisies – I Wanna Swim With Him
Billy Butler & the Enchanters – Gotta Get Away
Nova Local – If You Only Had the Time
Pipes – Be Fair
Dale Hawkins – Teenage Dolly
Denny Seyton & the Sabres – Karen
Cashelles – Outside City Limits
Jimmy Ruffin – Baby I’ve Got It
Beach Boys – Cindy, Oh Cindy
Nella Dodds – Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers
Bop-Chords – Castle In the Sky
Sherrys – Slop Time
Adam Faith – Made For Me
Majors – What Have You Been Doin’
Bill Kimber & the Couriers – That’s What I Want
Joe Jones – You Talk Too Much