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  Truly Judy's Tunes For 09-11-13
 Listed in order played

Bernie Early - Rock Doll
Fantastic Vantastics - Gee What a Boy
Gerry & the Pacemakers - It's All Right
Tages - Sleep Little Girl
Short Cuts - I'll Hide My Love
Sheila North - Golly Gee
Major Lance - Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um
Rogues - How Many Times
Dean & Mark - Just a Step Away
Ducanes - I'm So Happy (Tra La La)
Courtney Rain - Too Late To Be Lovers
Searchers - Can't Help Forgiving You
Jay Walkers - It's Been Too Long
Dolphins - Pony Race
Bill Deal & the Rhondels - Nothing Succeeds Like Success
Warren Storm - Troubles Troubles
Ersel Hickey - Goin' Down That Road
Lesley Miller - Just Another Fresh Boy
Ray Charles - You Don't Know Me
Choir - No One Here To Play With
Genies - S'cuse Me Lady
Blossoms - Good Good Lovin'
Steff - Where Did She Go
Sunbeams - You've Got To Rock and Roll
Andy Williams - Promise Me, Love
Chad & Jeremy - Teenage Failure
Trini Lopez - Together
Midnight Angels - I'm Sufferin'
Cliff Ayers - Rock Baby Rock
Billy Vaughn - Come September
Darrell & the Oxfords - Can't You Tell
Buffalo Springfield - Mr. Soul
Cliff Richard - I Don't Wanna Love You
Sandals - Always (I Will Remember)
Donnie Brooks - All I Can Give
Bobby Vinton - All the King's Horses
Shirley Ellis - The Nitty Gritty
Roger Smith - Beach Time
Caps - The Red Headed Flea
Ides Of March - I'll Keep Searching
Autry Inman - Be Bop Baby
Bobby Day - Over and Over
Van Strickland - Gotta Get a Date
Bobby Brinkley - The Guy With the Car
Epic Splendor - A Little Rain Must Fall
Gum Drops - You're the One
Beatles - The Night Before
Deane Hawley - That Dream Could Never Be
Nino & the Ebb Tides - Franny Franny
Little Bernie & the Blazers - My Love I have You
Joey Dee - I Lost My Baby
Beach Boys - Be True To Your School
Bobby Skelton - It Goes Without Saying
Virtues - Guitar Boogie Shuffle
Karen Verros - Little Boy
Billy & the Essentials - Remember Me Baby
Dion - This Little Girl
Betty Everett - Getting Mighty Crowded
Merseybeats - The Things I Want To Hear (Pretty Words)
Bobby Fuller - Pamela
Marvelettes - Too Strong To Be Strung Along
Tyrone & the Newports - I Feel Like a Million
Little Anthony & the Imperials - Take Me Back
Wynn Stewart - She Just Tears Me Up
Bobby Rydell - I've Got Bonnie
Free-For-All - Show Me the Way
Crystals - Heartbreaker
Carlo - Baby Doll
Gerry & the Pacemakers - Away From You