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  Truly Judy's Tunes For 10-13-11
 Listed in order played

Johnny Tillotson - Judy, Judy, Judy
Ral Donner - Loveless Life
Peter Simpson - Don't Ever Change
Renee Taylor - I'm In Love With Jack
Goofers - Scotch On the Rocks
Danny Valentino - Biology
Tony & the Velvets - Sunday
Tommy Bell - Swamp Gal
Ted Harris - Love's Been Here and Gone
Billy Adams - Peggy's Party
Illusions - The World Outside
Lenny & the Thundertones - Homicidal
Donna Douglas - All the Other Girls
Wallie Hawkins - Don't Believe Them
Larry Hall - Ladder Of Love
Lewis Sisters - Doublecrossed
Ray Smith - I'm Snowed
Jerry Gandy - You Better Take Me Home
Sonny Wilson - The Great Pretender
Atlantics - Monkey Tree
Breakaways - That's How It Goes
Johnny Angel & the Halos - Looking For a Fool
Huelyn Duvall - Teen Queen
Misty Bonner - Watch Me Do the Twist
John Prine - Stick a Needle In My Eye
Donny Young - From Twelve To Seven
Billy Stewart - This Is a Fine Time
Don Brandon - It's Wonderful Being Young
Burt Jackson - Mr. Everything
Wendy Wilson - But Baby
Larry Henley - Eastham Prison Farm
Ray Norman - Mystery Of a Kiss
Lenny Dean & the Rockin' Chairs - Memories Of Love
D. D. Keith - Trucker's Song
Darrell Glenn - Mr. Moonlight
Beatles - Mr. Moonlight
Jimmy Martin - Arab Bounce
Jeremy Slate - Blue Skies - Green Grass
Larry Collins - T-Bone
Clairette - With All My Heart
Arthur & the Corvets - I Believe
Avant-Garde - Fly With Me
Bobby Bristol - Marilyn
Jack Jones - Dreamin' All the Time
Steve Rossi - Come Completely To Me
Innocents - You're Never Satisfied
Tony Roma - Real True Love
Mitchell Torok - The P.T.A. Rock and Roll
Floyd Robinson - Sidewalk Surfboard
Bob Luman - Stranger Than Fiction
Anita Bryant - It's Better To Cry Today
Gorman Sisters - Sock Hop
Roy Clark - Wildwood Twist
Omegas - Study Hall
Fabulous Four - Why Do Fools Fall In Love
Judy Scott - No Questions Asked
Backseat - Like You Do
Silhouettes - Bing Bong
Catalina Six - It Had To Rain
Bobby Vee - One Last Kiss
Charlie & Chan - Rickshaw Drag Race
Blue Chips - Puddles Of Tears
Tony Bellus - Robbin' the Cradle
Carl Mann - Some Enchanted Evening
Crystalairs - Solitaire
Larry Hall - I'll Stay Single
Babs Cooper - How Am I Gonna Leave You
Megatrons - Ranchero
Connie Francis - Plenty Good Lovin'
Ducanes - I'm So Happy (Tra La La)
June Valli - Lunch Hour
Perfections - Hey Girl
Russ Miller - I Sit In My Window
Barbara Greene - Long Tall Sally
Rodney Scott - Granny Went Rockin'