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  Truly Judy's Tunes For 11-05-14
 Listed in order played

Jackie Lee Cochran - Pity Me
The Scene - Scenes (From Another World)
Teen-Beets - I Guess That's Why You're Mine
Marty Filler - Yea, Bom, Dom, De, Dubi, Dubi Dom
NJ Orange - (You've Got To) Live For Today
Connie Francis - My Best Friend Barbara
Glen Glenn - Goofin' Around
Wanderers - You Can't Run Away From Me
New Sound Spectrum - Summer Girl (Now That Summer's Over)
Rich Roman - T.T.B (Truly Truly Baby)
Barbarians - Hey Little Bird
Roger & the Travelers - Little Boy
Shirley Caddell & the Aristocrats - The Big Bounce
Eddie Hodges - The Water Is Over My Head
Billy Lathrem - Bird Walk
Fountain Of Youth - Day Don't Come
Copperpenny - Nice Girl
Magnificents - Don't Leave Me
Tamiko - Don't Laugh If I Cry At Your Party
Beatles - Nothin'Shakin'(But the Leaves ON the Trees)
Casanova & the Chants - I Know You