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Below are past shows you can listen to anytime you'd like. The first colum lists the date of each show.
                The second column is for real time streaming of the shows. Once you start listening, you will be able
                to drag your music player's slider to the portion of the show you missed, if you don't want to hear
                the entire show. The third column is a download option. Simply right click any of the choices and then
                choose 'Save As' or 'Save Target As' and save to your hard drive in any folder preferred. You will
                then be able to play this on your pc or even load it into your portable player. Each show is encoded 
                at 128 kbps or higher, meaning this is not a really an option for dial up connections.         

                We recommend Winamp for both methods as well as for listening to the all the Topshelf oldies shows.
                You can download a free winamp player here

Lady Lynda's Loft - Show Archives

10-31-17 Stream Download Play List
09-16-17 Stream Download Play List
08-23-17 Stream Download Play List
08-10-17 Stream Download Play List
07-05-17 Stream Download Play List