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           P H O T O S
records Ramtown Mike and Jersey Girl Barb records
Ramtown Mike and Jersey Girl Barb
records guess the connection  records
Can you guess the Topshelf Oldies   
connection here  ?
records five cool cats  records
Five Cool Cats and the King
records Ram Restauant records
Where all the magic happens 
records Mike's new pc records
The world's greatest pc  !
records babymike records
Me at 10 months - my parents say I was
already giving them both seizures
Ramtown Mike 1975
Me at age 19 in 1975
I could have been an extra
in Saturday Night Fever 
Layla2 Layla Eli
My Grandchildren: Layla, Robbie & Eli 
To view Youtube musical video montages of my children and
grandchildren click here 
records ramdoll records
The Real Ram Man !
records records
Why this young man might
have some potential !
License Plate
Ramtown Mike's License Plate 
For more photos click here - Hillbilly Cat