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 Play List for 03-13-13
Listed alphabetically
  Astro Jets - Hide & Seek
  Carl Perkins - Right String Baby But The Wrong Yo Yo
  Duane Eddy & the Galaxies - Ramrod
  Emile Ford & Checkmates - On A Slow Boat To China
  Eydie Gorme - Blame It On The Bossa Nova
  Eydie Gorme - Can't Get Over (The Bossa Nova)
  Five Royales - Women About To Make Me Go Crazy
  Five Royales - You Didn't Learn It At Home
  Flairs - Steppin' Out
  Flamingos - Rock & Roll March
  Fortunes - That Old Same Feeling
  Fortunes - You've Got Your Troubles
  Foster Brothers - I Could Cry
  Four Bel'aires - Oh Baby
  Four Fellows - I Sit In My Window
  Four Seasons - Bye Bye Baby
  Four Seasons - Tell It To The Rain
  Four Tops - Bernadette
  Frank Sinatra - That's Life
  Jay & The Techniques - Keep The Ball Rolling
  Joe Cocker - I'll Cry Instead
  Moving Sidewalks - 99Th Floor
  Moving Sidewalks - What Are You Going To Do
  Rannels - Boom Baby
  Rare Earth - No 1 Man
  Red Squares - Wishing And Hoping
  Reflections - (Just Like) Romeo And Juliet
  Rick Nelson - I'm Talking About You
  Rick Nelson - Life
  Royal Jesters - My Angel Of Love
  Royal Jesters - Never Will Forget
  Shamrock - The Road Ahead
  Smokey Robinson and The Miracles - Heartbreak Road
  Ted Taylor - Daddy's Baby
  Teddy & The Pandas - 68 Days 'Til September
  Teegarden & Van Winkle - God Love And Rock & Roll
  Tempests - Would You Believe
  Tempests - You Are Always On My Mind
  Ten Years After - I'd Love To Change The World
  The Illusion - Did You See Her Eyes
  The Industrial Image - Living In The Middle Ages
  Tower Of Power - So Very Hard To Go