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 Play List for 04-03-13
Listed alphabetically
  Apple Core - 25 Ways
  Billy Austin & Hearts - Angel Baby
  Box Tops - She Shot A Hole In My Soul
  Caravelles - I Hear A New Kind Of Music
  Chordcats - Hold Me Baby
  Cynics - Shot Down
  Dante - Bye Bye Baby
  Desires - Hey Lena
  Essex - Are You Going My Way
  Etta James & Group - Payback
  Explorer's Club - No Good To Cry
  Five Dollars - Doctor Baby
  Flaming Ember - Mind, Body, And Soul
  Gay Charmers - Get In & Shut The Door
  Gerry Hundt - Whiskey Makes Me Mean
  Glen Glenn - One Cup Of Coffee And A Cigarette
  Grady Chapman & Group - My Love Will Never Change
  Great Scots - Ball and Chain
  Human Beinz - Nobody But Me
  Jimmy Dean - Little Black Book
  King Curtis - Dynamite At Midnight
  Kinks - I Took My Baby Home
  Kitchen Cinq - Still In Love With You Baby
  Linda Scott - You Baby
  Paragons - Stick With Me Baby
  Peter Allen - The More I See You
  Queen - You're My Best Friend
  Skunks - Youth Quake
  Skyliners - I'd Die
  Skyliners - It Happened Today
  Spyder's Gang - Waitin Line
  Tom & the Tornados (Tommy James) - Long Pony Tail
  Tommy Ridgely - Jam Up
  Velvets - Husbands & Wives
  Velvets - Time & Again