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 Play List for 05-08-13
Listed alphabetically
  Archies - You Know I Love You
  Badd Boys - I Told You So
  Bobby Fuller - Fool Of Love
  Bobby Fuller Four - King Of The Wheels
  Bobby Skel - Red Light, Green Light
  Bobby Skel - Sheila Ann
  Chants - Come Go With Me
  Chants - I Could Write A Book
  Cherokees - Only If You Care
  Cherry People - And Suddenly
  Chuck Willis (Cookies) - My Life
  Clark Richards - Hot Rock Beat
  Demens - You Broke My Heart
  Don Grady With The Windupwatch Band -
     A Good Man To Have Around The House
  Fever Tree - Hey Joe
  Four Blades - It Isn't Right
  Four Fellows - Fallen Angel
  Four Fellows - That Kiss You Gave Me
  Four Flares – Jump Back Honey
  Four Imperials - Time Out
  Four Jacks - Goodbye Baby
  Four Students - So Near And Yet So Far
  Four Tunes - Let Me Go Lover
  Garnett Mimms & Enchanters - Dont Change Your Heart   Gene & Eunice w-Group - The Angels Gave You To Me
  Gene Pitney - Half Heaven Half Heartache
  Gene Pitney - Only Love Can Break A Heart
  George Hamilton IV - Abilene
  Hillbilly Boogiemen - White Lightning
  Jack Jones - The Race Is On
  Jack Jones - The Weekend
  Jose Feliciano - Light My Fire
  Keith - 98.6
  Keith - I Can't Go Wrong
  Kenny Lynch - That's What Little Girls Are Made For
  Larry Donn - That's What I Call A Ball
  Leaves - Hey Joe
  Lee Andrews & The Hearts - The Clock
  Olympics - A New Dancin' Partner
  Partridge Family - I Think I Love You
  Pretty Things - Midnight To Six Man
  Scotty Bullock & The Stampeders - Long Legged Linda
  Sensations - It's Good Enough For Me
  Sunny & The Sunliners - Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
  Tabs - Dance Party
  Trini Lopez - Sinner Man