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 Play List for 07-15-13
Listed alphabetically
  Beach Boys - Surfing USA
  Beach Boys - When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)
  Bobby Vee - Come Back When You Grow Up Girl
  Bracelets - Waddle, Waddle
  Buckaroos - She's So Fine
  Central Nervous System - Alice In Wonderland
  Chic-Lets - I Want You To Be My Boyfriend
  Christie - Iron Horse
  Clydie King - Missin' My Baby
  Coast To Coast- Let's Jump The Broomstick
  Contours - She's So Fine
  Cookies - Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys
  Crow - Evil Woman
  Dan Folger - The Way Of The Crowd
  Darrell Banks - Angel Baby Don't You Ever Leave Me
  Dave Clark Five - Glad All Over
  David Gates - No One Really Loves A Clown
  Delcounts - Ain't Got the Time
  Donovan - Atlantis
  ELO - All Over The World
  Easybeats - She's So Fine
  Elvis Presley - Hawaii USA
  Four Coins - Shangri-La
  Herman's Hermits - Lady Barbara
  Hit Parade - Ah, Ha, Ha, Do Your Thing
  Jackson Five - I Want You Back
  Judy Clay - I Want You
  Kenny Gamble - Standing In The Shadow
  Knickerbockers - High On Love
  Linda Lloyd - Heartache High School USA
  Lockets - Don't Cha Know
  Robin Ward - Wonderful Summer
  Ronnie Dove - A Little Bit Of Heaven
  Shirley Abicair - This Girl
  Status Quo - Rockin' All Over The World
  Stories - I'm Coming Home
  Swingin' Medallions - Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)
  Topics - She's So Fine