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 Play List for 09-21-13
Listed alphabetically

  Box Tops - Sweet Cream Ladies
  Burton Cummings - Stand Tall
  Chuck Berry - Little Queenie
  Electric Light Orchestra - Rock And Roll Is King
  Enchantment - It's You That I Need
  Eyes - Man With Money
  Family Dogg - Arizona
  Four Seasons - Walk Like A Man
  Gene Pitney - I'm Gonna Be Strong
  Hub Caps - Pretty Little Baby Love
  Hub Caps - Long Blond Hair
  Ides Of March - Sha-La-La-La-Lee
  Ides Of March - You Wouldn't Listen
  Invitations - They Say The Girl's Crazy
  J Vincent Edwards - C'mon Everybody
  Jackie Trent - Where Are You Now (My Love)
  Jackie Trent - You Baby
  Jason Isbell - Super 8
  Jawbone - How's Ya Pa
  Jay & The Americans - Baby Come Home
  Jay & The Americans - Got Hung Up Along The Way
  Jeffrey Foskett - Keepin' The Summer Alive
  Jeffrey Foskett - Thru My Window
  Jelly Beans - I'm Hip To You
  Jewel Akens - It's The Only Way To Fly
  Jewel Akens - So This Is Love
  Mouth and MacNeal - How Do You Do
  Newbeats - Bread And Butter
  Peter & Gordon - Knight In Rusty Armour
  Stray Cats - I Won't Stand In Your Way
  T.J. Fowler - Milkshake
  The Forum - Girl Without A Boy
  Turtles - She'd Rather Be With Me
  Volcanos - A Ladies Man