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 Play List for 12-05-12
Listed alphabetically
  Aaron Neville - Wrong Number (I'm Sorry, Goodbye)
  Arkade - Sing Out The Love [In My Heart]
  Bar-Kays - Don't Do That
  Benny Spellman & Group - Fortune Teller
  Bill Deal & The Rhondels - Don't Play That Song
  B.J. Thomas - Oh Me Oh My
  B.J. Thomas - Sandman
  Butterflys - Gee Baby. Gee
  Checkerlads - Baby Send For Me
  Checkerlads - Shake Yourself Down
  Co-Eds - I'm In Love
  Continental Five - My Lonely Friend
  Del Shannon - Two Kinds Of Teardrops
  Desideros - I Pledge My Love
  Dickey Lee - She's Walking Away
  Dion - Ruby Baby
  Eddie Cochran - Jam Sandwich
  Eddie Floyd - I Never Found A Girl
  Elvis Presley - (Such An) Easy Question
  Elvis Presley - It Feels So Right
  Eric Hutchinson - Rock And Roll
  Ernie Freeman - Raunchy
  Excels - Littke Innocent Girl
  Five Keys - When Paw Was Courtin' Maw
  Five Satins - Memories Of Days Gone By
  Four Seasons - C'mon Marianne
  James Carter & Sentimentals - Hey Baby, Hey
  Jon Cleary - Wrong Number
  Led Zeppelin - Rock 'n' Roll
  Little Alfred & Cupcakes - Walkin' Down The Aisle
  Magic Lanterns - Simple Things
  Reuben Bell - Action Speaks Louder Than Words
  Rivingtons - Happy Jack
  She & Him - I Was Made For You
  Teenagers - My Broken Heart
  Timetones - Pretty Pretty Girl
  Tony Hatch & His Orchestra - Crossroads Theme
  Vikki Nelson & Group - Just One More Smile
  What I Don't Know Won't Hurt Me
  Willie Mitchell & Four Kings - Tell It to My Baby