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I play six short 1/2 second long snippets or clips from a top 20 record
from the
50's (1955 through 1963), the 60's (1964 through 1969) or
the 70's (1970 through appx. 1976) and normally I change the decade
for each contest
. If needed, I will then will play four 1 second long
snippets from the same tune.

These snippets are presented in chronological order or as heard
through out the song and they are not altered in any way. I play
the initial 1/2 second long snippet contest two times in a row.
If we do not get a winner from that, you can request 'more' in
chat and I will then play the 2nd contest consisting again of 4
one second long snippets. 
If needed, clues will be provided as

The first person to guess the song title correctly after the green
go-ahead banner
(see below) according to myself and any judges
assisting me (there are usually two)
will be declared the winner.
We do try to mention all the winners on these contests.

In addition, you will need to have at least 2 words from the actual
song title. Subtitles and added tyrics to your guess, do not help or
hurt your guess, as long as you have three words from the actual
song title itself. Obvioulsy, if the song title has only one or two
words, then that's all you need for your song title guess.

NOTE: With contests like these we have waiting period or delay
before any guesses are allowed. The reason for this has to do with
the fact that the program is streamed over the internet and there
is a delay that varies from listener to listener. Meaning the time
it takes for the contests, music or anything said on the air, reaches
our listenning audience is not the same for everyone. The typical
delay is 8 seconds, but it can be longer for others. In fact, some
won't hear the contests until 10,15 or even as long as 20 seconds

Meaning, without this guessing delay, we often end up with some
folks guessing, w
hile others are still listening to the actual contest

We do make this an easy procedure to follow, however. Right before
these contests start, one of the judges will put a bright red banner
in chat asking that all guesses (and chat) will held until the green
banner or go ahead is placed into chat. I do this myself and it's
typically 20-25 seconds after I hear the contest itself end.

While no guesses before the banner are official and will not 
count, should you find yourself inadvertanty jumping the gun
(and it does happen), 
you are allowed to guess after the green
'go ahead' banner and
you are encouraged to do so. In fact, if
your 'jump the gun' guess is correct and you do not guess again,
someone else may end up 'stealing' your guess and winning with it.

As rules and key points go, that's it for Quick Snippets. If you
have any ideas you would like to forward to me or if you just
want to provide some feedback, feel free to email me at