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The New Ramtown Live is an Rock N' Roll-Oldies contest program
that also features music mostly from the 50's, 60's & early 70's.
While some hits get played, the DJ's at Topshelf Oldies
like to focus on the uncommon and rarely heard quality oldies
that do not ge
t played on over-the-air stations and tunes that
go mostly unnoticed on
satellite or internet radio. These include
so many songs that for one reason or another were not hits, many
forgotten tunes and plenty of minor hit records, all of which are
good tunes, but now go mostly ignored.

As for the contests, the emphasis is on FUN ! These are also
played just for fun, as no prizes are involved and our friendly
music based games have made Wednesday's an evening of good
spirited competition and 

These contest are played out in our easy to access Topshelf
Oldies chatroom. Our chat lounge is friendly, clean (no smut
allowed) and well behaved, yet quite lively and just plain old
good fun. While we certainly discuss music
and we have a
number of serious record collectors who frequent our chatroom
on a regular basis. We also dicusss
other subjects of mutual
interest and even life in general.

Of course, you can just choose to stream the show and guess
along with the contests at home or work. But always feel
welcome to join our very engaging group at anytime and on
any other evening, as we feature many other quality shows
and colorful DJ's each night of the week.