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 Play List for - 07-01-09
Listed in the order heard

    Jackson Five - ABC (Backing track)
    Jackson Five - The Love You Save
    Seeds - Try To Understand
    Who - Call Me Lightning
    Aesops Fables - What Is Love
    Neil Sheppard (Artie Wayne) - You Can't Go Far
                   Without A Guitar (Unless You're Ringo Starr)

    Bob Jaxon - Me! Please! Me!
    Rooney Brothers - Just A Friend
    Paul Evans - Little Miss Tease
   July Four - Frightened Little Girl
    Nicky DeMatteo - Young Love (Is An Old, Old Story)
    Roosevelt Grier - Fool, Fool, Fool
    Lloyd Price - Pistol Packin' Mama
    Dovells - Bristol Twistin' Annie
    Dion DiMucci - Lonely Teenager
    Tommy Boyce - Remember, You're Still A Teenager (stereo)
    Tommy Boyce - Along Came Linda (stereo)
    Ray Stevens - A-B-C
    Dickey Lee - Good Guy
    Nocturnes - Carpet Man
    Scotty McKay - If You Really Want Me To I'll Go
    Jon Abnor - Summer's Comin'
    Love's Me Petal (AKA The Giant Crab) - Soft Summer Breezes
    Bob Shane - Honey