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 Play List for - 12-02-09
Listed in the order heard
   Los Straitjackets - Fortune Cookie
   Kirby St. Romain - Butterflies

   Lou Christie - Shake Hands And Walk Away Cryin'
   Len Barry - 1-2-3
   Paul Jones - High Time (rare stereo mix)
   Gene Pitney - Mission Bell

   Bobby Fuller Four - Love's Made A Fool Of You

   Turley Richards - Since You've Been Gone
   Josephine Sunday - You Won't Even Know Her Name
   Chiffons - Out Of This World
   Glenn Yarbrough - Baby The Rain Must Fall
   Duprees - She Waits For Him

   Jerry Fuller - The Man In Black
   Eddie Rambeau - Anonymous Flowers

   Eddie Rambeau - My Name Is Mud
   Quaker City Boys - You Call Everybody Darlin'

   Maureen Gray - Today's The Day
   The Visions - Tommy's Girl
   Bocky And The Visions - I'm Not Worth It
   Van Dykes - Gift Of Love

   Van Dykes - Meaning Of Love
   Ronnie Dove - I'm The One Who Taught You How
   Mindbenders - Ashes To Ashes (rare stereo mix)