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 Sidetrax Play List for 02-07-13
Not listed in the order played
  Andy Martin - Record Hop Tonight   (Chancellor 1010b)
  Animals -  Bury My Body )
  Ascots - She Did - 62 Bethlehem
  Avengers - Be A Caveman (Star-burst 1966)
  Bari & the Breakaways - I Got That Feeling
  Beach Boys - When I Grow Up To Be A Man #9 Capital
  Big john greer - come back maybelline (Groove)
  Bob Crewe - Sweetie Pie-'59
  Bob Lloyd Trio - Sailing On A Pink Cloud '63
  Bruce Cloud - Little Spark Of Fire (Era 1963)
  Bruce Cloud - Lucky is My Name(Era 1962)
  Buddy Holly - True Love Ways ( Accustic
  Byrds - Chimes Of Freedom
  Cliff Richard & The Shadows -
     I'm The Lonely One #8UK 1964 #92US Epic
  Dave Clark Five - No One Can Break A Heart Like You
  Diana Ross & The Supremes - Some Things You Never Get Used To
  Dreamlovers - Zoom Zoom Zoom
  Earl Dukes - Spin The Bottle
  Eddie Daniels - Cochran on guitar - I Wanna Know1959
  Edwin Starr - Headline News
  Elvis Presley - Your Time Hasn't Come Yet Baby
  Fantastic Shakers - Walk With Me, Talk with Me
  Fred Carter - Freeloaders (LODE) 1958
  George Hamilton IV - Everybody's Body (abc paramount )
  Jack Scott - I Knew You First
  Jan Lawhon -  I'm Gonna Love You (boyd )
  Jeffrey Foskett - You Wouldn't Listen
  Jim sinner requestINstru -Harry J Allstars - Liquidator #9 Trojan)
  Jimmy Reed - Shame, shame, shame vee jay)
  Jimmy Ricks - Oh What A Feeling (Fesival) -
     recorded in 1962  released 66
  John Fred & His Playboys - What You Gonna Do )
  Johnny &Dorsey Burnette - Boppin' Rosalie(demo session 1957
  Johnny mac - so sorry (w&g) oz
  Juliana - You're Saying Goodnight. rca victor 1961
  Karl Hammel, Jr. - Drop Me A Line (Laurie 1963)
  Left Banke - Walk Away Renee stereo version]
  Lou Jordan - Close Your Eyes(Josie 1962
  Love Affair - Rainbow Valley #5 UK only CBS
  MALCOLM -Never Knew - Roomates - 1961 - Valmor
  Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Honey Chile
  PETE REQUEST-  Karl Hammel Jr - Sittin Aplabeticly - 1961-Arliss
  Phantoms - Tough Enough oz 1964
  ROGER REQUEST- Adam Faith - As You Like It (off one of his EP's)
  Richie Moreland - Please Don't Ask Me (Capital)
  Ronnie Hawkins - Odessa )
  Roy Hamilton - Roy Hamilton - Don't Come Crying to me (epic)
  Ryder, John & Anne - I Still Believe In Tomorrow
  Sam cooke - Don't Cry On My Shoulder
  Searchers - What Have They Done To The Rain
  Sid King & The Five Strings - Sag Drag And Fall 1955 columbia
  Singing Roulettes - Hasten Jason (Scepter 1959)
  Steve Alaimo - Cry Myself To Sleep
  The Astro Jets (Jewel Akens & Eddie Daniels) - Hide And Seek
  Valentinos - It's All Over Now (o 1963) wb bobby womack
  Walter Jackson - Opportunity
  Don gibson - Cute Little Girls (1961 Rca victor playlist






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