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 Sidetrax Play List for 05-13-09
Listed in the order played
  Bobby Howe - Elvis Has Left The Building
  Bunny Siegler - Let The Good Times Roll
  Craig Douglass - When My Little Girl Is Smiling
  FIve Royales - Catch That Tear Drop 
  Jerry Williams - Cotton Jenny
  Beverly McKay - Say It With Feeling
  Young Rascals -I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore 
  Tommy Hunt - I Might Like It 
  Dorsey Burnette - Femine Touch
  Doug Kershaw -
Diggy Diggy Lo
  Bill Turner and Blue Smoke - Charmed and Dangerous
  Raga and Talas - My Group and Me  
  Paul Raven (Gary Glitter) - Tower Of Strenght
  J Vincent Edwards - I Like It
  Jerry Wallce - If You Leave Me Tonight I Will Cry    






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