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 Sidetrax Play List for 05-17-12
Not listed in the order played
  Evergreen Blues - Midnight Confession
  Baker, Lavern - A Little Bird Told Me So(wb Ersel Hickey)
  Beach Boys - Bluebirds Over The Mountain
  Belmonts - Diddle De Dum (What Happens When Your
                                                               Love Has Gone)
  Bill Haley & His Comets - Don't Nobody Move (Decca 1958)
  Bobby Curtola - Wildwood Days
  Bobby Curtola - Hand In Hand With You 1960 Tartan
  Bobby Goldsboro - Little Drops Of Water (United Artist 1964)
  Bobby Pedrick - Two ton Tessie(flip side of Dining and
                                                 Dancingwb Gene Pitney)
  Charlie Feathers - One Good Gal
  Chevrons - Lullabye (Brent 1959)
  Chiyo and the Crescents - Pink Dominos ( Break Out & ERA label
  Chuck Jackson - Millionaire
  Don Gant - Sugar Love
  Dean Christie - I'm A Loser (select label 1962)
  Duane Eddy - Guitar Star wb Lou Josie
  Eddie Fontaine -Nothin' Shakin' - But The Leave -(Sunbeam 1958)
  Engelbert Humperdinck - Wonderland By Night
  Ersel Hickey - Magical Love 1960 Kapp (unissed til 1993 )
  Etta James - Would It Make Any Difference To You (Argo 1962)
  Everly Brothers - Don't Ya Even Try(wb Don Gant)
  Fantastics - Millionaire Hobo (1959 RCA)
  The Chalets-Fat fat fat mom mi o
  Findlay Brown - Love Will Find You
  Garnett Mimms & Enchanters - Cry Baby
  Jimmy King  (aka Lou Josie)- Knockin' On Your Door
  Joe Lyons & The Arrows - Shufflin' Jive (Hitmaker 1959)
  Joe Stampley - Soul Song (wb Norro Wilson)
                                         (Dot 1973 L.t. Josie - I Gotta Know
  Larry Donn -Honey-Bun(Vaden 1960)
  Larry donn - that's what i call a ball(Vaden 1960)
  Leapy Lee - Little Arrows
  Led Zeppelin - Shortened Version - D'yer Ma'ker
  Lindsay Muir's Untamed - Daddy Long Legs (1966 Planet)
  Little Jimmy Dee - I Should Have Listened (Infinity 1961)
  Lou Christie -Outside The Gates Of Heaven
  Mack Allen Smith - King Of Rock'n'Roll (Unissued)
  Margaret Little -  Love Finds A Way - Margaret Little
  Montez, Chris - There Will Never Be Another You
  Neon Philharmonic - Morning Girl (Mono Single Version)                                                                                (Remastered)
  Norro Wilson (1968) - Hey Mister
            (aka The Most Beautiful Girl)origin Smash label
  Paul Peek- A Miss Is As Good As A Mile (Mercury 1962)
  Paul Revere Raiders - I'm A Loser Too CBS
                            Goin to Memphis LP   1968)
  Pentagons-it's Spring Again (Specialty 1958)
  Pipeline 61 - Baby Any Day Now
  Rick Randell - Dining and dancing (1962) (United Artists 1962)
  Rex & Herb - (Rex Hunt & Herb Smith)
                1959 Come Back Big Bertha   (Janet)
  Roy Orbison - Cry Softly Lonely One(wb melson-gant)
                                             (LP same name MGM 1967)
  Russ Brian - The king of rock & roll (1959 Horizon)
  Ruth McFadden w Sammy Lowe Orch - My Baby's Comin' Home
  Serendipity Singers- Don't Let The Rain Come Down (wb Ersel)
  Sonny James - Apache
  The Drifters - Stranger on the Shore
  Tramps - Hold Back The Nigh(Buddah 1975)
  Ventures - Hawaii Five-O( long alt version)
  Dale Wright - She's Neat
  The Gems - Shutdown





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