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 Sidetrax Play List for 05-31-12
Not listed in the order played
  Frank Triolo - Ice Cream Baby
  4 Seasons - Marlena #36 flip side Candy girl 1963
  Symbols - (The Best Part Of) Breaking Up 1967)
  BJ THomas - Plain Jane
  Baby Washington - Leave Me Alone(Sue 1963)
  Bandwagon - Breakin' Down The Walls Of Heartache (Epic)(68)
  Beatles - I'm A Loser- Stereo Cd) -
  Big Dog  - Just Wait For Me
  Big Sandy & his Fly-Rite Boys - Chalk It Up To The Blues
  Caravelles - Flip Side
  Chiffons - Three Dips Of Ice Cream
  Cleftones - For Sentimental Reasons #60 1961
  Cyan Three - Since I Lost My Baby (Decca 1966)
  David Seville - Almost Good-1958 liberty
  Dee Dee Warwick - Yours Until Tomorrow (1966 Mercury) orig
  Dion -Take Good Care Of My Baby (Laurie Runaround Sue LP 1961
  Easybeats - Made My Bed Gonna Lie In It
  Electric Prunes - I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)
  Elvis Presley -Viva Las Vegas
  Frank Gorshin - That's Trouble With Love( Brand 1961)
  Gene Summers - The Rebel - Johnny Yuma 1959 unissued
  He's A Rebel - Moose and The Pelicans(Darlene Love)Vanguard
    - 1971
  Herman's Hermits -A Must To Avoid
  Ivy Leaguers - Deposite Your Love In The Bank(Flip 1957)
  Jericho Jones (clifford trahan) - Save Your Lovin' For Sis.
      Todd l abel 1959
  Johnny Crawford - Sittin' And A Watchin' [Stereo]
  Keil Isles - If The Man On The Moon
  Keil Isles - What's Going On
  Kenny Adams - Open Up Your Garden Gate
  Pete & Vinnie -why cant we try it again
  Pete & Vinnie-Why does the dance have to end
  Larry Williams and Johnny Watson - A Quitter Never Wins
       (OKeh  1967)
  Laurie London - Old Time Religion
  Louis Prima & Keely Smith - Enjoy Yourself
                  (It's Later Than You   Think 1950)
  Mac Davis - I'm A Poor Loser( Jamie 1962)
  Myddle Class - I Happen To Love You (1966 Tomorrow)
  Pete & Vinnie - Hand Clappin' Time (part 1)
  Quarta Jr., George - Don't Move(Cool 1959)
  Ray Scott - Silk, Satin & Lace
  Ronny & the Daytonas - California Bound
  Roy Clark & Buck Trent -Under The Double Eagle
  Roy Orbison - Plain Jane Country (Come To Town)
  Roy Orbison - That's A No No
  Roy Tann - Hot rod queen
  Sagittarius - My World Fell Down (Columbia 9644)
  Sharp, Bobby (& Grp) - Baby Girl Of Mine -
  Sister Rosetta Tharpe- Marie Knight- Up Above my Head
       (1948)  Decca
  Sounds - Anything For You (aka Tangiers) Modern 1956
  Sutton, Glenn (Solo) - I Gotta Leave This Town  - 64 M.O.C.
  The Clovers -- I've Got My Eyes On You
  The Electric Prunes - Luvin
  The Fireballs- Somebody Stole My Watermelon
  The Rascals - A Beautiful Morning
  The Trashmen - Surfin' bird
  Velvet Satins - Nothing Can Compare To You
  Paul Peek-Watermelon
  Williams, Bobby - Play A Sad Song






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