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 Sidetrax Play List for 06-11-13
Not listed in the order played
  Billy Joe Royal - Burned Like A Rocket
  Philip & Stephan - Meet Me Tonight Little Girl
  Baby Come Back Johnny Rivers
  Jewel akens - wee bit more of your lovin
  J. Frank Wilson - Dreams Of A Fool
  Hu & Hilltops_Can't you hear me_NL
  Willis Brothers - Give Me 40 Acres (To Turn This Rig Around)
  Bobby Stuart & The Georgettes - Go On And Cry
  Johnny Madara - Heavenly
  Stan Robinson - Boom A Dip Dip
  Mighty Jupiters - Your Love
  Jackie Deshannon - Boom Boom De-a-de-a-de(played june 09)
  Altairs  (george Benson lead 15 yrs old)Amy 1959- Groovy Time
  Bellamy Brothers - Kids Of The Baby Boom  
  Ben E. King - Ecstasy- Atco 1962 #58
  Billy Bland - Can't Stop Her From Dancing
  Bobby Loveless - Night Owl
  Bobby Paris - Per-sO-Na-lly ( Tetragrammaton 1968)
  Casinos - That's The Way(Terry)
  Chiffons - Now That You're My Baby(LP sweet talkin girls)
  Chris Andrews - Yesterday Man #94 1966
  Conway Twitty - Halfway To Heaven
  Dino & The Diplomats - I Can't Believe (Laurie 1961)
  Everly Chet atkins mark knopfler - why worry (shortened)
  Freddie Cannon - Opportunity(swan 1961
  Glenn Wells - Good-Bye To An Angel (Hall-Way)
  Glenn Wells- let 'em rave on(VENTURAL)
  Grant Tracy - 4 Lips 2 hearts 1 love
  Grant Tracy- Never Let It Be Said
  Harold Janson - Doo Wop Cajun
  Jackie Deshannon - Boom Boom De-a-de-a-de
  Jarmels - Little Lonely One (1961 Laurie)
  Johnny Devlin - Heaven's Plan
  Johnny(Bristol) & Jackey(Beavers) -
     Someday We'll Be Together(Tri-Phi TP1005A)
  Junior ( Lacrosse)& the swamp pop players - Reconsider me
  Little Jimmy Rivers & The Tops - Puppy Love
  MALCOLM REQUEST - Selections - Guardian Angel
  Maurice & Mac - You Left The Water Running Checker-Chess 1968
  Bobby Loveless -Night Owl (Michelle)
  Philip & Stephan ( PF Sloan &Steve Bari) -
    Meet Me Tonight Little Girl 1964
  Philip & Stephan - Meet Me Tonight Little Girl - YouTube
  Pozo Seco Singers - I Can Make It With You(1)
  ROGER REQUEST -Billy Fury - Because Of Love #18 1962
  Ral Donner - 02 - Half Heaven, Half Heartache
  Rem Wall - Heartsick and Blue
  Sid King And The Five String - It's True, I'm Blue
  Sounds Like Us(minn garage band)1966 -
     Outside Chance (fontana label)
  Freddy Cannon - Opportunity
  The Five Satins - Ain't Gonna Dance (Roulette)
  The James Boys - Another Lori
  Tony Clarke - Ain't Love Good, Ain't Love Proud (1964 Chess)
  Vejtables-The Last Thing On My Mind 1965-female drummer -              Autumn labelwb Tom Paxton
  standells +10+ my little red book





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