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 Sidetrax Play List for 06-22-11
Listed in the order played
(doesn't include the songwriters special)

  Radiators - Lost Radio
  Joey Levine and Artie - Come On Baby
  Noahs Ark - Please Don't Talk About Yesterday
  Jimmy Seals - Grounded
  Buddy Cagle - Waikiki Sand
  Echoes - Baby Blue
  Herman's Hermits - I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving
  Phil Esposito & the Ranger Rockers - Hockey Sock Rock
  Elvis Presley Masters -This Is Our Dance
  Buddy Dial - Baby
  Velvets - Laugh
  Hank Thompson - Cocaine Blues
  Kingsmen - Feed Me
  Esther Phillips -  Why Should We Try Anymore
  Edwin Starr - I Am The Man For You Baby
  Arthur Alexander - Anna
  King Pins - It Won't Be This Way (Always)
  Johnny Thunder - The Rosy Dance
  The Paper Dolls - Something Here In My Heart
                                   (Keeps A-Tellin' Me  Now)
  Jerry Wallace - Careless Hands
  Joshua Panda - 11 i-77 Blues
  Little Eva - Some Kind A Wonderful
  Finders Keepers - Don't Give In To Him (1967) (orig)
  Ovations - I'm Living Good
  Dan Penn - Let Them Talk
  Randy Draper - Buzz Buzz Buzz
  Dionne and the Puck-Tones - Forgive My Misconduct
  Jerry Lee Lewis - Carry Me Back To Old Virginia
  Those Guys - People Say
  The Fantastics - Something Old Something New
  Tony Adams - Take Me As I Am
  The Corsairs - Smoky Places
  Elvis Presley -Trying To Get To You




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