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 Sidetrax Play List for 08-04-10
Not listed in the order played or complete
  Fascinators - Oh Rose Marie
  Marty Balin - Nobody But You (Challenge 9146) (1962)
  Johnny Tillotson - Well I'm Your Man
  Connie Francis - Watever Happend to Rose-Marie
  Jackie Washington - Long Black Cadillac
  Fireflies - Stella Got A Fella
  Dave & Lee (david gates and leon russell) - Trying To Be Someone
  Archies- Circle Of Blue.mp3
  Benny Gordon - It Comes And Goes (RCA 1967
  Bick Ford - Cheat Cheat ( orig version) Parlaphone 1963
  Billy Williams-The Pied Piper
  Bob Busso - Boo Hoo  ( Vargo)
  Bobby Leed - Santa Fe Hobo.mp3
  Don Wyatt- I've Got Myself To Blame
  Earls - Cry Cry Cry
  Easy Deal Wilson - Frog Nappin
  Fabulons- Don't Ask Me
  Frank Ifield Mystery Oldies- Don't Do That
  Gary Lewis - My Hearts Symphany
  Gene Evans- Big Time Lady's Man ( Dart) 1960
  Gerry Granahan (Wildwoods) - Dance Girl Dance
  Jim Burgett - Pick-Up-A-Coupl'a-Records.mp3
  Louie & The Lovers- Tomorrow Just Might Change
  Malcolm - Oh Rose Marie
  Marty Robbins - Lee Emerson -Where D'ja Go  (columbia) 1957
  Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm -Sadie.mp3
  Shedding Teardrops-Paramonts
  Soul Brothers - Please PAss The Ketchup
  The Smoke Ring - How'd You Get To Be So Wonderful
  Tiny Topsy  - Just A Little Bit
  Williams, Little Jerry ( Swamp Dog)- I'm The Lover Man
  Wynona Carr - Jump Jack Jump





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