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 Sidetrax Play List for 08-29-11
No listed in the order played
  Bill Craddock - Birddoggin (Colonial 1957)'
  Alexander & The Greats - Swanee Stomp
  Aubrey Twins - I Can't See Nobody
  B+3 (Bartholomew plus three)(1966 Can-Am) - Delila
  BB King & Koko Taylor - Something you got
  Beach Boys~This Car Of Mine
  Bettye Swann - The Dance Is Over(Kent LP)
  Big Brother Holding Co - Peice of My Heart
  Big Buddy Kaye - New Generation Man (RCA)
  Big Buddy Kaye- Little Black umbrella
  Blavat, Jerry  - Lets Love Again
  Bob Osburn - Bound To Happen
  Bobby Brant - Piano Nellie
  Bobby Rydell - That Old Black Magic
  Buddy Holly - What To Do
  Buffalo Springfield - Go And Say Goodbye
  Chad Jeremy - My How The Time Goes By
  Charlie Rich - Rolling With the Flow
  Dan Penn -- Hurt Me, I Don't Cry
  Drafi Deutscher - I'm In Love With An Angel
  Dream Lovers - Amazon & Coyotes
  Duane Eddy - Pretty Jane (Mark Robinson) (1958 Jamie)
  Dusty Springfield - Take Me For A Little While
  Echoes - It's Party Time 1983
  Eldorados - I'll Be Forever Loving You
  Fats Domino - What A Party(Imperial 1961)
  Finders Keepers -lLght
  Four Tops -Magic Mary
  Glen Campbell - Something To Remember
  Guess Who - Pretty Blue Eyes Fixed copy
  Jack Scott - I Never Felt Like This(Calrton 1959)
  Jerry Wallace - Good And Bad( Challenge 1958)
  Jett Powers -  Loud Perfume (BETA label 1959)
  Jimmy Beaumont - Never Say Goodbye
  Johnny Horton- The Electrified Donkey(CBS) 1959
  Johnny Nash - World Of Tears (ABC 1961)
  Lonnie Sattin - Whos Gonna Mention My name
  Manfred Mann  - Look Away (1964 inUK)-
  Orbison, Roy - No) I'll Never Get Over You
  P J Proby_Try To Forget Her
  Passions - I Only Want You
  Robert Gordon with Link Wray -
          Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache

  Ronald & Ruby - Lollipop
  Saturday's Children - Man With Money
  Sha-Na-Na - Those Magic Changes
  Sheb Wooley - Magic Town (1960 MGM unissued)
  Skip Batton - The Ballad Of Dick Clark
  Sonny Fulton - Pardon Me Baby
  Sonny Moore - My True Love and I ( Old Town)
  Stormie & Sunny - All The Warm Is Gone
  The Astronauts - Memphis, Tennessee
  The Legends - My Love For You (ermine 1962)
  The Showman - 39-21-46
  The Visions - Tell Me You're Mine
  Tommy Roe - Piddle de Pat (Original Mono 45)1962)
  Travis & Bob -Oh Yeah
  Travis LeDoyt - His Light  





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