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 Sidetrax Play List for 09-28-11
Not listed in the order played
  The Four J's-Here I Am Broken-Hearted
  Margie Rayburn - I'm Available
  BJ Thomas -I Can't Help It
  Take Me For What I'm Worth - The Searchers
  Royce Porter - Beach Of Love
  Chuck Jackson - I Don't Want To Cry
  Clambake (Winfield Scott)
  Sing Sing Sing The New Notes
  Casey Jones & the Govenors-Yockomo
  Bob Conrad - Bye Bye Baby
  Dion - The Majestic
  Cigar Store Indians - Hot rod concerto
  Golliwogs - Walking On The Water
  Jason D Williams -Really REally Pretty
  Layng Martine - Rub It In( origianl)
  Monarchs - What Made You Change Your Mind
  P P Arnold - The First Cut Is The Deepest (stereo)
  Tokens - Don't Cry Sing Along With The Music
  Warner Mack - Come On Home And Sing The Blues To Daddy  





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