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 Sidetrax Play List for 11-18-09
Listed in the order played
   Freddie "Fingers" Lee - Down On The Farm
   Belmonts - That Background Sound
   Vashti - Some Things Never Change
   Johnnie Ray - I've Got So Many Million Years
                                   (That I Can't Count Them)
   Ernie Freeman - Rockin' Red Wing
   Little Peggy March - I'm Watching Every Little Move You Make
   Roadsters - You're Tearing Me Apart
   Frankie Laine - Blazing Saddles
   Eddie Low - Ain't It True
   Freddie May & The Power Plant - Heavy With Me
   Irma Thomas - Take A Look
   Ponty Bone - Easy As Pie
   Deke Dickerson & Eco Fonics - You're My Cadillac
   Four Young Men - Goodnight Bye Bye Bye ( clip only )
   Dudes - Let's Not Pretend Anymore
   DC5 - Just A Little Bit Now
   Steve Marriott - Give Her My Regards
   Small Faces - Whatcha Gonna Do About It
   Colin Cook - I've Had My Moments
   Bell Notes - Shortnin' Bread
   Billy Joe Royal - Never In A Hundred Years
   Wanderers - A Little Too Long
   Bill Reader - Till I Waltz Again With You





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