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 Play List for 03-18-09
Listed in the order heard 
  The Drivers - Woman
  Soul Drivers - Don't Keep Me Waiting
  Johnny Otis and Co. - In The Drivers Seat
  John Scheider - In The Drivers Seat
  Cliff Drivers - Drive On  
  Astronauts - Devils Driver Theme
  Hal Blaine and the Young Cougars - Phamton Driver
  Blue Country-- Sunday Driver
  Bobby Bear - Truck Drivers
  Charlie Moore & Bill Nappier - Guitar Picking Truck Driver
  Archies - Truck Driver
  Del Reeves - Truck Drivers Girl
  Bobby Van Hook - Truck Drivers Stomp 
  Mills Brothers - Cab Driver
  Buddy Ray - Hey Cab Driver
  Dave Duddley - Taxi Cab Driver
  Diplomats - Hey, Mr. Taxi Driver
  Debbies Davies- Backseat Driver   
  Big Jack Johnson - Too Many People