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 Play List for 05-27-09
Listed in the order heard 
  Rebecca Lyn Howard - I Need a Vacation
  Buddy Guy - Your Mind Is On Vacation
  Dean Christie - Vacation Time
  Bryan Brent and The Cut Outs - V
acation Time
  Chapelairs - Vacation Time
  World’s Fare - Gonna Take AS Long Vacation
  Aaron Watson - 
Long Vacation
  Ricky Nelson - Long Vacation
  Marion Sodd - Permanent Vacation
  Buggs Henderson -
  Ohio Express - Vacation
  Jackie Lee - Happy Vacation
  Eddie Boyd & His Blues Band - Vacation From The Blues
  Jack Falk Project - Vacation Blues
  Little Anthony - Taking a Vacation From Love
  The Great Divide - Pour Me A Vacation 
  Dean Bruce - Tropical Vacation
  John Philips - Revolution On Vacation
  Cleftones - Vacation In Mountains
  Jerry Lee Lewis - When I Take My Vacation In Heaven
  Bo Diddly - Bo’s Vacation
  Argyles - Vacation Days Are Over
  Lou Josie - Vacations Over