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 Play List for 07-18-13
Listed in the order heard 
  Bluebyrds - Taxi Driver
  Refreshments - Taxidriver
  Dave Dudley - Taxi Cab Driver
  Garry Miles -
Taxi Cab Driver
  Dedications - Mr. Taxi Cab Driver
  Diplomats - Hey, Mr Taxi Driver
  Zager and Evans - Taxi Man 
  Ad Rolls - Taxi
  Blues Company - Taxi
  Floyd Cramer - Taxi
  Humans - Take A Taxi
  Graham Bonney - Hallo Taxi
  The Who - Early Morning Cold Taxi
 Joni Mitchel - Big Yellow Taxi
  Herb Alpert - Tijuana Taxi
  Blue Diamonds - Taxi In Mexico 
  Martin Lauer - Texas Nach Taxi
  Lestor Young - Taxi War Dance
  Little Richard - Taxi Blues
  Billy Macfarland - Mama, Please Cancel The Taxi